"Magi Astrology holds the key to accurate predictions, gifted astrologer reveals the secret language of the stars to you."


'Normal' Astrology has misled and frustrated millions, we reveal the hidden 387% of the truth. Finally understand what the magical connections are that create success in love, money and happiness.

Dear Astrology Buff,

If you have been searching high and low for real answers to life's big questions, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why:

So far, the problem hasn't been you, or even the people you've been listening to. The problem has been A LACK OF REAL INFORMATION. After all, you won't be able to drive across town to the Supermarket if you only have half the directions. The same is true with Astrology, Charts, Soul-Mates, Compatibility and the correct timing for success.

All of these things can be accurately predicted - but only by one who TRULY understands the magical language of the stars. That magical language is the language of Magi Astrology.

BUT DON'T BE FOOLED: it takes a real expert to reveal this information. You wouldn't try to perform major surgery on yourself would you? Then why would you try to unlock mysteries that have taken others ENTIRE LIFETIMES to understand? Some things are too important to leave to chance or amateurs.

About Aura

On September 5th, 2001 Aura was warning people that a horrible event was about to take place. On Sept 11, 2001 the nation was riveted to the TV coverage of two airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center.

“Within a week before 9/11 Aura was actually handing out pamphlets and calling friends and family and warning them that something drastic was going to occur shortly. I was in New York when it happened and Aura was the first person I called.” -CR, Partner at Wellsford Capital, New York, NY

OVER 4 YEARS BEFORE the housing market crashed in 2009 - Aura was predicting it in her Newsletter, and published columns. In addition to that, she forecasted the dip that took place in Real Estate in the Summer of 2007 and revealed that it was an indicator of the real economic meltdown that was to come.

Other accurate insights from Aura include the success of the IPhone, and a devastating event during the last week of 2004 - exactly when the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck.

Astrologer and public speaker, Aura Galadriel Wright, known as ‘The Auracle’ has been featured for her forecasts on celebrities like Brad & Angelina, Tom Cruise and others. Her quotes often appear in Newstand Magazines like “In Touch” and “OK” Magazines or on TV shows like “The Chelsea Lately” show.:

Here are just a few of the things that your Magi Astrology Reading will reveal:

+ When Secret's will be revealed and what area of your life will be effected

+ When and if something will change or leave your life. How much is it worth to know this?

+ The One Astrology Secret that the pros don't want you to know.

+ 7 little known techniques for making the most of ANY influence the stars can throw at you.


The question isn’t IF you should pay attention to the timing of the stars, the question is, Can you afford not to?

Naturally gifted, Aura began her journey as a child of the Hippie revolution, where her education into the roots of Psychology, Personality, Astrology and Mysticism began. She literally grew up in Ashrams, yoga retreats and Indian Reservations learning from the Masters of the day, like Guru Ram Dass, Dali Lama and others who’s names are not known by the public.


“Aura is my production Astrologer. She always knows what’s really going on, and best of all, she’s always up for a romance question or two” -Laila Nabulsi, Producer of, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and, Saturday Night Live. nabulsi*

The current world crises in the environment, events like 9/11 and war in the Middle East are a direct result of the collision between religion, mysticism, and the occult. Aura speaks and teaches that healing this world crisis is not a matter of choosing one perspective over another and declaring it to be ‘right.’ It is, in fact a matter of doing our own inner work, creating tangible and lasting change so that we can attract and live the life of our dreams.

A reading with Aura will reveal things to you that simply are not available anywhere else. Not only that, but her warm, caring and compassionate style will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable! She is on your side and always uses this incredible information to lead you to the BEST PATH to get you what YOU WANT in life.

Who else wants to find their most successful and satisfying career path?

If you are ready to finally unlock the true God-given talents that are part of your life blueprint then a Natal Chart Magi Astrology Reading with Aura is an event that will literally blow your mind.

NATAL MAGI ASTROLOGY READING - Includes an overview of general trends: INCLUDING

* When to move

* When to date


* Reveal your Natural TALENTS & ABILITIES

* Find your Fertility & creativity cycles

* make the most of current influences

* when NOT to buy things or start a job or new relationship - this can save you endless heartache, frustration and disappointment.

Are you ready to Get rid of dating woes once and for all?

A Magi Soul-Mate Reading with Aura will reveal the EXACT nature of any relationship. Can you have children together? Will your love last? Is the sex going to be hot, or just a fizzle? Is this just a sexual fling, or do you share the kind of Magi Astrology Connections that virtually MAGNETIZE money and success to you?

Aura will reveal all of this and more to you during your - SOUL MATE MAGI ASTROLOGY READING. (SYNASTRY)


* Know if Love and Marriage is possible between two people.

* Is it just a hot sexual fling or could it be more? Here’s another hot one…

* How to create BETTER Sexual Chemistry

*Is this person destined to BREAK YOUR HEART? Discover the truth.

*Will you have a MAGIcally successful relationship with money AND happiness?

*Discover once and for all if this is the ONE you've been waiting for.

... and more, including a complete breakdown of any relationship, it's strengths and weaknesses.


Magi Astrology reveals to you the EXACT timing for business success and finding or keeping a soul mate. Every other system of Astrology leaves at least one of the following CRUCIAL pieces of information out of the picture altogether:

Magi Astrology reveals to you the EXACT timing for business success and finding or keeping a soul mate. Every other system of Astrology leaves at least one of the following CRUCIAL pieces of information out of the picture altogether:

*3d Astrology

*Declination Astrology

*FULL geocentric ('Normal Astrology Charrts) AND heliocentric astrology charts- these aren't available anywhere else.

*The real meaning and application of CHIRON in Astrology

*Sedna in Astrology - the Newest Planet in our Solar System -

*Why Sedna holds one of the MOST crucial keys to success, or failure, and why you absolutely MUST understand it.

*Understanding the Asteroid of Addiction, the Asteroid of fashion, the Asteroid of Talent and the Asteroid of Business.

Don't settle for PART of the picture and miss this CRUCIAL information.

Your 90 Minute Full Magi Astrology Consultation will focus on all of the areas above, or just the ones you prefer. It is up to you. All sessions are recorded and you are given the link to the MP3 so that you can download it and listen to it whenever you wish.


A full Magi Astrology Report that includes ALL the important planets and Asteroids as well as All the Magi Connections, Heliocentric charts, Declinations and full descriptions of what all the aspects mean. These reports are ONLY AVAILABLE from a Magi Professional, and aren't for sale at any price. Worth at least $97.

Don't miss you chance to FINALLY UNDERSTAND your life, your relationships and the true nature of SUCCESS, how to achieve it - and WHEN.


If you're anything like most people, you realize that there is something of value in the half truths that have been thrown around, but your experience has shown you that something is missing.

That's because you're not really getting the whole picture, the results OR the happiness, and satisfaction you seek.

This leads to frustration, exhaustion, and heartbreaking disappointment. Not to mention feelings of having failed miserably. Many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on this endless treadmill of self-help that only brings them half-truths, half answers and a maddening lack of fulfillment.

But the real answers have always been there! All you need is the real secrets, the key that will show you how to break the code and release the capacity to attract more Love & Money that is locked away inside your astrological DNA. It is not just tucked away inside some people, it is in everyone, including YOU!

Warning! This isn't what you think it is!

The Key is Astrology, but it has nothing to do with those things you have heard called Astrology before. This is completely now and holds to the keys for releasing the flow of success and preparation in your life.

Bonuses if you order today:

+ FREE - THE TRUE SECRET MEANING OF THE ECLIPSES Report ($99 value) Yours FREE with your Eclipse Set.


Yes, I want the most Accurate Astrology Reading on the planet.


P.S. Can you afford NOT to be prepared for the changes that are coming in the world? They will happen with or without you, but it's up to YOU to be informed and be prepared.

P.P.S. Because these are HIGHLY ACCURATE one-on-one readings, time is extremely limited and we can only take 10 7 new clients at this time. Once these slots of filled this offer will be removed - Order now while space is still available

P.P.P.S. GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE - Give the Gift of KNOWLEDGE that keeps giving forever!

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