Casey Anthony verdict why? Not Guilty Why? Astrology Explains it.

Casey Anthony verdict why?

The question that has left the nation stunned and which became the top trend on Twitter for hours afterwards is simple, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty, but why? It seemed abundantly obvious to most of those who followed the trial that Casey Anthony was guilty, at the very least of criminal child abuse, and yet most were left asking themselves how could we get this Casey Anthony verdict – why?

And, as usual Astrology answers the ‘Casey Anthony verdict, why’ question. But not the usual Astrology, we need to REALLY look at all the levels to see what was going on July 5th and how the not guilty verdict could have possibly been the result of this lengthy media circus. I will attempt to answer the ‘not guilty why?’ question for you in this article. And maybe, once and for all I can put those burning questions to rest about how the jury could release a not guilty Casey Anthony verdict, and why.

Astrology is the art and science of understanding timing. It is the timing of the Casey Anthony verdict that gives rise to the results that we got. Those of us left wondering about the Casey Anthony verdict, why it happened and how to avoid these kinds of upsets in our own lives need to realize that timing is literally – everything. This is why the selection of a date for marriage, or incorporation, to move into a new house or go on a first date is so very important. On certain days some things are possible and on other days they are not. This is called Horary Astrology – it is the art of Astrological Date selection.

First of all, unlike 99% of the Astrologers out there, I look at 4 levels of info – which makes it pretty easy for me to pull out the answer to this question – simply based on the DAY the trial was finished – July 5th. In the video below are the 4 levels of charts that I look at to determine what really happened on July 5th.


In order to answer the question of why the verdict of not-guilty was possible, I am looking at the charts for the DAY of the verdict on July 5th. Other days wouldn’t have had these aspects – it’s the day when something takes place the determines if certain outcomes are possible or not. I am going through the chart aspects of the day of the Casey Anthony Verdict, why it happened, in order to explain it based on the possibilities contained within that date.
Casey Anthony Verdict Why

Casey Anthony Verdict Why

All 4 images are inside the Video that I made to show you what is really going on Astrologically – and why Casey Anthony was not only set free – but set up to make a fortune for the death of her daughter. PLEASE NOTE: I DID CHARTS FOR THE DAY OF THE VERDICT – that’s all I needed to look at in order to get answers. Looking at Casey Anthony’s chart would tell me if she is capable of such a thing (but I think we already know that).  The video below has no sound – but all the info you need is there. There is sound in the link below the video. Sorry, my screencapture doesn’t take sound recording with it, so I had to record it separately. Again, I am using the DAY of the Verdict to explain the Casey Anthony verdict, why the jury gave her a not-guilty result.

Casey Anthony Verdict why?

Basically, this day, July 5th contained aspects that allowed for an infamous result based on a lying image (see chart 1) Results that shocked the public (see chart 4), led to a bad reputation (chart 1). These results were all possible because of a general lack of compassion, the ability for the defense to warp and manipulate the facts (chart 3), violence (chart 3) and an almost schizophrenic attachment (by the jury as directed by the defense) to logic, regardless of murder (chart 4) or compassion for Caylee (chart 3).

The Jury returned a Not Guilty Casey Anthony verdict, why?
I am not blaming the jury, but once they finally begin to speak about it, we will hear them tell us that they were making  a logical decision, based on what facts they were allowed to look at (lies – see charts 1 and 3). These lies were ultimately a manipulation. And now because of the placement of Sedna (Chart 1 and Chart 3) Casey Anthony will make a fortune from all of the fame and attention that the media fed to this circus – as depicted by the Nodes on the IC and MC in chart 1. Also, these last aspects make me think that it is VERY possible that someone within the Media helped to orchestrate the whole circus because they wanted to create a stunning trial that would sell a lot of books/movie tickets later on – someone who stands to profit in the future from it all. Someone behind the scenes.

Not Guilty – why?
There are many other levels that I could delve into in these charts, but it literally only took me about 5 minutes of looking at these charts to pull out the reasons this not guilty verdict was possible on July 5th. Additionally, we are still under the influence of the recent Eclipse on July 1st – adding to the shocking revelation that this case created for the public. That influence will fade out in about 3 months from now.


It was my intention to answer the ‘not guilty, why?’ question. Please leave your comments below. I hope that this article has helped you to understand how we got this ‘Casey Anthony Verdict why’.

Astrology App for your iPhone

It won’t give you a personal Astrology Reading (you’ll have to come see me for that) but it will give you important Moon Void and Moon sign info…

iLuna_ss1In case you don’t know what the Void Moon is all about here’s the short version. The Moon changes signs every 3 days or so, and just before it changes signs there is a small window of time after it has made it’s last aspect in the previous sign but before it has entered the next sign. Essentially it’s ‘Work” is done. This time can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Astrologers consider this time important because it is better for ‘inner’ work and not effective for outward things.Is it the best thing since sliced bread? Well, not if you’re on the South Beach Diet, but it IS a really groovy widget for your iPhone. No, it won’t give you your chart, or tell you if you’ve met your soulmate (once again, you’ll have to see me for that). But it WILL give you lots of daily, weekly and monthly info on the Moon Cycle, the Moon Sign and some very useful Void of Course Moon times.

In other words, if you are starting something important, make sure that it is NOT at a time when the Moon is Void. Normally, nothing comes of it when you do something under the Void the Moon – thus the warning.

The only exception is if YOU were born during a Void Moon, and this is a special case scenario that requires special attention. Void Moon people have strange destiny’s and the normal rules of the world don’t seem to apply to them. These are the people who are here to do things their own way, not follow the herd. But the only way to know if you have a Void Moon yourself is to have your Astrological Chart professionally done by qualified Astrologer and have your personal astrology reading done.

The upshot is that the new iLuna app in the iTunes store is very helpful for tracking the Moon, which will help you to understand what’s going on in your world emotionally, and with the masses of populations. It will also give you the heads up on when the Moon is Void – which will be a great time to file your taxes (no audit).

And if you want an app that comes closer to slicing the bread of the Astrological pie into more useful pieces then you can call me and talk to me about THAT as well, since I am in the process of creating such a thing.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

I was just interviewed on LifeConversationsRadio about the current Mercury Retrograde. This current Mercury retrograde straddles Leo and Virgo, read on to learn more.

Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Entered the Shadow (ES) on July 16 at 18’43 LEO

Mercury Entered Retrograde (SR) on Aug 2 at 1’12 VIRGO

Mercury will go Direct (SD) on Aug 26 at 18’43 LEO

Mercury will Leave the Shadow (LS) on Sept 10 at 1’12 VIRGO

Mercury Retrograde

Other themes of Mercury retrograde: the return of people from our past, the opportunity to review and fix the area of life that the current Mercury highlights, nostalgia, retro styles, deep thinking, connecting to intuition, renewal of the mind and thoughts, re-patterning old or useless beliefs or thought processes. Also, de-cluttering, finishing projects, renewal, release, overcoming, taking out the garbage (literally and figuratively) and getting organized.

Here is my YouTube video about Retrograde Mercury, how it happens and what it really means:

Mayan Calendar, 2012 and The TOTAL Lunar Eclipse of 2010


Dec 21 2012 (The Winter Solstice) – but that overlooks the REAL Astrological fact that there is a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse coming up 2 years ahead of schedule on Dec 21, 2010.


Why I see Dec 21, 2012 as the Wrong Date:
There is a very good argument that our modern translation of the Mayan calendar is wrong. This is due to the fact that our Gregorian calendar is just about as wrong of a timekeeping system as we could possibly have. This alone is enough for me to think it’s time for a Mayan 2012 kind of meltdown. In my personal opinion, our version of time is a trap and a lie. But first a brief lesson on time and why ours is so screwed up.

Why our Gregorian Time Calendar is a Mess:
Once upon a time, time itself was based on a Sacred Calendar, which followed the Moon. Such a calendar has 13 months – just like the 13 lunar cycles of the year. Each month was 28 days long – just like the Moon Cycle.

But then, after the time of Christ and all the drama that was stirred up then, the Roman Emperors got involved, changed things around a bunch, gave us 12 months of 30 days each and a weird Leap Day. This was a rough attempt to create a Solar Calendar – based on the Earth’s annual movement around the Sun. The only trouble with that is that each year isn’t exactly a nice neat little package as they tried to represent. And then those crazy Emperors all started to get swelled egos and wanted the month THEY were born in to have more days than any other month. Augustus Caesar stole a day from February and gave it to August (the month of his birth). Julius Caesar did the same for July. It wasn’t long before February was the shortest month and the whole calendar started to look lopsided and wobbly.

The Pre-Gregorian Lunar/Solar Calendar:
Getting back to the Mayan Calendar, we need to go back to those BC days and then account for what happened in the time of Christ and after. but first a quick lesson in how time was counted when Christ was born. If you look in the Old Testament you will see that the Passover takes place on the First New Moon in the first month of the year – called Abib. This is basically the first Lunar cycle after the Spring Equinox (April 20 or 21) each year. In Astrological terms, Passover takes place on the first Full Moon of Aries.

In sharp contrast to all of this, the Mayan’s had the MOST accurate system for keeping time that we have record of on planet Earth. Nobody has done it better before or since. But their system is pretty dang complicated. But that’s beside the point. The point I am making here today is that our western translation of the Mayan date for the end of the Yuga (age) as coming at Dec 21 2012, they accurately counted for it ending on a Winter Solstice but have probably lost a few years worth of Moons in there somewhere (months). One place where they probably lost time was in the Year of Christ’s death. The Zero year for our Gregorian calendar. Also, each subsequent year for over 2,000 years has had 12 moons instead of the natural 13 – that’s a lot of months to lose.

The TOTAL Lunar Eclipse on Dec 21, 2010:
As an Astrologer, when I look at the STARS (which is what the Mayans used as the basis of their calendar) I see 2010 – the year we are in – as being the intense one. And the Eclipse on Dec 21, 2010 is truly a heavy hitter.

First off this is a TOTAL Eclipse – so there is some completely new revelation that it represents. It takes place on the shortest, darkest day of the year. The day of maximum oppression, and – for lack of a better word – evil. The Eclipse itself takes place smack dab in the center of the Pacific Ocean. Right in the middle of the ‘Ring of Fire’ where all the worlds Earthquakes have happened this year. The impact here is one of destabilizing one of the Earth’s most vulnerable areas.

Just for the sake of clarity I am not predicting Doomsday on Dec 21, 2010 or Dec 21, 2012 for that matter (I’ll leave that to Hollywood), but I AM pointing out that we are under some very dramatic Astrological influences NOW.

Stay tuned, for part 2: a complete overview of the Eclipse on Dec 21, 2010 which will be posted within the next few days.

Tropical Astrology, Sideral Astrology, Magi Astrology

Tropical Astrology is the old astrological division of the sky. When the Zodiac was invented, the position of the constellations were written down. But since then, the whole Zodiac has shifted almost a whole sign due to the Precession, so whoever was once born a Virgo, is now probably born a Leo – with the personality changes that come with it. Tropical Astrology ignores this, and keeps using the old tables – which have nothing to do with where the planets actually are in the sky.

Sidereal Astrology acknowledges the problem with the shifting signs, but digs itself deeper into the ludicrous: The more sidereal astrologers try to follow the real division of the sky, the more they are distancing themselves from the old wisdom. Sidereal astrologers cannot claim to build on ancient knowledge, but have to change the signs and characteristics over time. They are in turn making the whole concept of Astrology invalid. The real astronomical signs are a few days off from the Sidereal system by now – so not even Sidereal Astrology is using the correct star signs.

Sidereal astrology uses the actual constellation in which the sun is located at the moment of birth as its basis; tropical astrology uses a 30-degree sector of the zodiac as its basis. Tropical astrology is the most popular form and it assigns its readings based on the time of the year, while generally ignoring the positions of the sun and constellations relative to each other. Sidereal astrology is used by a minority of astrologers and bases its readings on the constellations near the sun at the time of birth.

The difference between all of this and Magi Astrology is that Magi Astrology uses the Declinations (relative height of the planet to the Equator) as well as Helio Centric Charts. First the Declinations – these have nothing at all to do with the signs and are not effected by the constellation debate. Second HelioCentric Charts – these use the SUN as the center of the Chart. 99% of Astrology uses GEO centric charts – with the Earth at the center. This is useful, but FAR from the whole picture. Also, the Helio Centric charts have their own version of Declinations. In the end, standard Astrology is only looking at a MAXIMUM of 25% of the information. Without special Software there is no way to see the rest. This is what is different about a reading with me, I look at all 4 dimensions – as well as the standard Astrology.

Astrology Chart by Ptolmy

Astrology Chart by Ptolmy

Zodiac Compatibility

The Question is this: Is there anything to the Zodiac compatibility guides for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces? Can Astrology help us find a soul mate?

So is there anything to zodiac compatibility. Does your astrological sign really have anything to do with who your ideal mate is. Or who can be the best friend for you. Is there a reason why some siblings are rivals for life, while others are as close as twins.

Consider the writer, who is a Virgo, although an atypical Virgo (we think). Her sister is a Capricorn, and according to the astrology experts, we should be in tune with Capricorns. And in fact, the writer and her sister and quite literally opposite sides of the same coin. We have the same dreams! And we know when the other is in trouble of some kind. We will call each other at odd times, only to discover that the other was in trouble, or needed help or advice or counsel. We don’t know it consciously, but it just works out that way.

Then there was her husband, or ex-husband, to be more exact. He was a Libra and perhaps we should have done some research into astrology before we got married. In one article we read, under Libra, it said “No chance”. How true, how true!

So should you make the decision about your life partner based on astrology. Well, it doesn’t hurt to do some dispassionate examination before taking such a big step. While you might not want to reject someone on the basis of his birth date, a good horoscope CAN help you out with some clues to his or her nature that you might not pick up on all by yourself. And when they do something that completely mystifies you, perhaps a little basic knowledge of astrology will help you decipher what’s going on and help you communicate better. And that’s never a bad thing, no matter what resource you’re using for better communication.

In other words, you need to look at the whole picture. You are more than just your sun Sign, and to really see if there is compatibility or soul-mate connections through the zodiac you need to look at your CHART SYNASTRY in an ASTROLOGY READING or SOUL MATE ASTROLOGY REPORT. This will really give you the whole picture, just knowing about Aries, Taurus Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces isn’t enough.

The Cusp of Change

Our world is on the cusp of change, according to the Astrological markers. Right now, as of the end of July 2010 we have the following planets on the edge or going over the edge of one sign in to another: Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Mars.

People are often confused about the cusp of a sign. We think that we are a ‘watered down’ version of the sign if we are born on the cusp. For example, one woman I met said “Oh, I’m two signs.” “Oh really?” I pressed her for clarification, she said that since she was born on November 22nd she was both Scorpio and Sagittarius. I had to clarify for her that this isn’t really how it works. I explained to her that it is necessary to actually examine your NATAL CHART in order to know which sign you were really born under – since this changes a bit from year to year – those general guidelines you find in books aren’t really accurate. On top of this, I had to also explain to her that at the end and the beginning of each sign is when it is MOST INTENSE. There is no such thing as a watered down hybrid between the two. Other planets in your NATAL CHART may modify this – but not the Sun. The Sun for her was either intensely Scorpio or intensely Sagittarius – not both and not half of each! After speaking to her for 2 minutes it was pretty obvious to me that she was a SAGITTARIUS and not a Scorpio. She was just too bubbly and lighthearted to be an intense Scorpio type, but she was an intense Sag type.

The world is experiencing something very similar right now. With so MANY planets changing costumes, as it were, this year, we are under nothing less than an entire RE-casting of the world players in our lives. The changes are radical, they are dramatic and even though it happens gradually, like the waves changing from High tide to low tide – it is still both unstoppable and irreversible. You see, when a planet changes from one sign to the next, it often turns around and revisits the past sign again through it’s retrograde motion. Most people are familiar with Retrograde Mercury, but ALL planets turn retrograde at some point or another – except the Sun and the Moon.

Right now, Saturn is finally RETURNING to Libra, he entered Libra last year, then changed directions and went back into Virgo, and now is making his final and permanent change into the Libra energy. The other cusp planets – Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron – are or will go through something similar. These are also ALL planets that effect group and social level dynamics, including family. None of them are personal planets. What this means is that society is going through a revision. It will not be the same when we come out the other side (about 12-18 months from now).

These changes started back in 2009 – remember the stock market crash? This was just one of a series of deep-level changes that are taking place. The short version of what these changes are about and what they mean at the big picture level is that the post-modern society is changing radically. Many people still don’t see this (although I find it hard to understand HOW people can cling to illusions of the past when change is so obvious to me).

People will need to work together in groups. We are getting ready to experience disruptions to the flow of goods. Local will be better. Teams will be better (and necessary). More earth disruptions are happening. It will different in different places, but being closer to nature will be hugely important.

Specifics for each person are as individual as you are, and can’t be addressed in this article. These are just guidelines to help people think towards the future and plan for it. Individual forecasts must be looked at privately. In the meantime, be ready to make a new kind of life, and embrace a deeper level of connection to your environment and community – because this is where things are headed.

Buddhism, Astrology and Good Karma…

One of my Facebook friends asked me this question today, and I thought it would make a good Blog post for anyone interested in such things. This post is longer than on Facebook, I’ve gone into more detail here.

QUESTION: what are the astrological happenings today? I’ve heard that today is a very special day for buddhists and theres alot of good karma floating around. same source told me acts of kindness today will be extremely beneficial, more effective than at other times. want to pick your brain about the western astrology perspectiv…e. I’m wondering what the christians and jews and hindus and muslims and scientists are saying too. I guess I’ll have to ask them. xxx

ANSWER: Well first I have to set you straight on a few things you are assuming that aren’t correct. I practice Magi Astrology – after a lifetime of study this is the most accurate system i have found – bar none. This is more Eastern AND Western combined. We look at more than any other system. The Magi were the Wise men in the Bible who identified the Birth of Christ. (By a Jupiter – Saturn Eclipse).

I also have to take exception with any system that teaches you to get ‘brownie points’ by taking ‘good’ actions. In actuality this is NOT the Buddhist point of view. The Buddhists are far more likely to suggest that you misunderstand your Dharma if you seek to gain advantage by doing ‘good’. In the purest sense, Buddhism does not actually believe in good and bad. And your Dharma is not about doing something in order to achieve a reward – it asks you to DO because it is true to your soul, your path and who you are.

My own many past life (and current life) associations with the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism make me want to show you a truer perspective on what Buddhism is really about. One such mystery that many don’t know about is the time that Jesus spent in Tibet. Also, deeply hidden in the life of Christ AND Buddhism is the lost respect of the Divine Feminine – now re-emerging on the planet after a long persecution.

Just some background on where I am coming from; I currently live in the Blue Ridge Mountains – perhaps the oldest Mountain range on the planet, and probably once attached to the Himalayas of Tibet. On this farm we raise Tibetan Mastiffs – one of the oldest breeds known to man. about 50% of all current dog breeds came from this breed of dog. They are considered sacred to the Tibetans, who see them as re-incarnated enlightened Tibetan Monks. They were around at the time of Christ, and the whole lineage was in fact blessed by Christ. I live with 8 of them.

But, from a purely Astrological point of view – we have left the good days of the month behind us and even though the 19th and 20th have a couple of good-feeling things going on, it is likely to have too much delusion associated with it.

In my experience it is not a good idea to shop around for spirituality or some words that seem like a good idea. Finding and following a true path requires a deeper level of authenticity than that. You must know yourself in order to recognize the information that is accurate. You will only confuse yourself and ultimately cause yourself harm if you go seeking a million different spiritual perspectives (this includes the Church of Science too)

It was written above the doorway of the Oracle at Delphi “Above all else, know thyself.” This is one of the things that Astrology is MOST useful for :-)

Your ‘Steamy Stars’ weekly Horoscope July 15-21

HOTTEST DATE NIGHT – the 15th – take your sweetheart out and have a nice dinner. After that this week just plain get’s weird and unless you like things kinky, keep your personal time, private.


Things are getting stirred up for you as you feel the heat of cross-dressing Uranus moving into your neighborhood. If you secretly like it, I won’t tell anyone. But don’t blame me if your normal routines come tumbling down when secret sauciness gets noticed.


Your long-distance fantasy might become more real to you this week. As they say, be careful what you wish for – a flirtation from afar is nice and safe and non-threatening but will you be ready when they call your bluff? After that, are you prepared to face a reality that isn’t as glossy and airbrushed as the brochure?


Some people like to be bossed around in bed – that’s why your local Dominatrix has a job. Perhaps you are trying to take over her territory? You’re sure doing a good job of the bossing around part – just add 6 inch lace-up thigh high stiletto boots and you’re all set for a new career.


You might want to spend the weekend hiding from your stalker. May I suggest you head for Nepal, New Delhi or somewhere equally unappealing to the sexually obsessive types. Unless of course, it is YOU who enjoys a sexual obsession now and then, in this case, I suggest you go straight to Hollywood – they’re waiting for you.


Don’t get blindsided by someone’s uncharted sexuality. A flirtation is all well and good, just be careful not to take it so seriously when you have no idea where they are coming from. Don’t assume that someone else has the same sexual ideas that you do.


If your lover becomes too expensive, then it’s time to come up with some new strategy to either make your cash go farther, or get a less expensive social life. I hear there’s a pretty hot social scene at Wal-Mart in isle 5 on a Friday night. Just watch out for the ‘made in Taiwan’ label.


You know those tunes that the DJ was spinning at the local hot spot? Well they were actually warning bells. Take this week to have one last dance in the rain, before you step to one side and avoid a scene. Maybe you’ll meet someone cute as you watch the drama unfold.


Longing and passion are often closely tied together. Fortunately for you, you are capable of subverting both until they reach the point when you just can’t contain them any more. There is something percolating beneath the surface that you may not yet be aware of, but when it rises to the surface – watch out! Sizzle and pop!


Sure, fine, ok, great, no problem! These are a few of your favorite phrases. This makes you very popular with the ‘use em then lose them’ crowd, which isn’t good for your morale. I suggest you get a little more discerning about who you share your (sexual) favors with. Appreciation should be a prerequisite.


Be prepared for all your ideas about someone to be overthrown. That light flirtation is likely to blow you out of the water and put a ring on your finger overnight. On the other hand, the iron-clad romance you thought you could take to the bank ends before you can say, “Do you know where I put my underwear?”


Someone’s got their panties in a bunch, and not in a flirtatious way. This battle has gone way past the point of being sexy. Now what are you going to do? Well, like I always say, ‘If you can’t charm ‘em, disarmarm ‘em with lipstick and lingerie. Time to break out the heavy artillery.


There’s no use fighting over who makes the best lingerie – Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret. Like the butchers shop, they are all venues for displaying padded meat. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, all of it floats in a hot tub.

The Egg and Autumn Equinox – Complete with an Eclipse

This year the Autumn Equinox (Sept 22 Pacific/Sept 23 Eastern) follows the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29′ Virgo. And to make matters more confusing the Eclipse takes place right on the USA’s Neptune. Has anyone noticed that September has been a bumpy month so far? Well there are more bumps to come surrounding this second Eclipse.

The first thing about the Equinox – and arguably the most fun – is the folklore that an egg can be balanced on it’s end only during an Equinox. There are only two Equinoxes per year, in Spring and in Fall. It is named the Equinox because these are the two days of the year when daylight and nightime are exactly equal. In Summer daytime is longer than night, and in Winter nighttime is longer than day. The Equinox’s signal the day when the transition from one season transitions into the next.

I know that I personally have been able to balance an egg on end during an Equinox – I even balanced it on it’s small pointy end that day. Actually I balanced every egg in my cousins refrigerator on end, and then every egg in my own refrigerator. I even left one on the counter overnight to see if it would stay there. But the next morning it had tumbled to the floor and broken. I have been trying for about a month to balance an egg with no luck. I will be taping this, and then I’m going to tape what happens on the actual Equinox just to see what happens. I invite anyone else who’s interested to try their own egg experiment. I’d love to hear the results. I have no preconcieved decisions about what will and won’t work, and am very interested to see and hear the what results people achieve. Just a little scientific test to see what really works. Are you up to it? If so, please leave your notes and comments on the form below. Blogs are great because they are time stamped, and it gives us a record of when and what took place.

I will be posting the video of my Egg balancing results here on the Blog.